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American Precision Dicing

APD proudly announces the availability of a wafer dicing process utilizing the Synova Laser Microjet.©

Description of Process
The Laser Microjet is a technology that couples a laser beam into a thin water jet. The water jet is then used as a fiber optic wave guide to direct the beam to the wafer to be cut. The wafer is moved in the X and Y axis under computer control with precision optically encoded stepping motors. Any pattern that can be programmed can be cut into the wafer. Conventional wafer dicing can also be programmed.
This is a wet laser process similar to a conventional semiconductor sawing process.

 This machine can process wafers up to 12" in diameter.
 It can place cuts with 1 micron accuracy.
 The width of the kerf will be the width of the water jet.
 Even though these machines can cut with a kerf smaller than 50 microns we are currently limited to a kerf no smaller than 80 microns.
 Curved cuts can be made as easily as straight cuts.
 This process works very well with thin materials. Wafers that are thicker than 1 mm are usually more efficiently cut using conventional dicing processes.

Advantages over traditional laser dicing
 Focusing is not necessary as cutting can be accomplished along the entire water jet.
 Because the laser beam is delivered inside a water stream, localized heating is minimized.
 Because molten material is not ejected during the cutting process, the problem of redeposition of material on the wafer surface is eliminated.
 Because this is a cool laser process, localized changes in the bulk material are also minimized.

 Most of our focus has been on developing processes related to cutting silicon and stainless steel.
 However,  we are certainly willing to talk to you about your project even if it uses materials different from the above.
 Hazardous materials, such as gallium arsenide and indium phosphide, emit dangerous gases when using this process and we are currently unable to cut them safely.
 The wavelength of the laser also prevents us from cutting glass or quartz wafers.

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